Chiptunes (AY, NSF, SID, MOD, MP3...)

Reading Real SID compared to emulated SID - Gallium

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On this Kohina forum webpage : Big archive of chiptunes (1.2Gb)

Few original and emulated chiptunes
Chiptune Archive
SNESmusic (SPC Archive)
2a03 Chiptune Upload Server
Chip Coalition
The Mod Archive
.AHX - Amiga
.AY - ZX Spectrum, MSX, Amstrad CPC
.GBS, GSF - Nintendo Gameboy / Gameboy Advance
.NSF - Nintendo Famicom / NES Wikipedia
.SAP - Atari XL / XE Wikipedia
.SC68 - Amiga and Atari ST
.SID - Commodore 64
.SNDH, SND - Atari ST / STE / TT / Falcon
.VGM, VGZ - Sega Master System / Genesis / Game Gear Wikipedia
.VTX - ZX Spectrum
.YM - Atari ST
.Digital formats : MOD, IT, XM, S3M
See on Modules (MOD, IT, S3M, XM, MP3...), too !
.Other formats : MP3, MIDI
See on Chipmusic netlabels and Chipmusic composers, too !
Website Video game music archive (MIDI) - VGMusic
Website Chiptune tracks (MP3) by Artists - Jamendo
Website Chiptunes ZX Spectrum (MP3) by Artists - Z80 I-demo

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