Soundfonts (SF2) for chipmusic, chiptune and retro games

What is a soundfont ?

A soundfont bank contains base samples in PCM format (similar to WAV files) that are mapped to sections on a musical keyboard. A soundfont bank also contains other music synthesis parameters such as loops, vibrato effect, and velocity sensitive volume changing. With these capabilities, a computer with a soundfont-compatible sound card or synthesizer can render audio content that is similar in quality to that of a professional digital sampler.

Wikipedia Soundfont

[mp3] Audio demo by Denture Punch - Use The_Nes_Soundfont.sf2
[mp3] Audio demo by Kitt - Use Famicom.sf2
[mp3] Audio demo by Shnabubula - Use Super_Mario_Kart.sf2 and Super_Mario_World.sf2
[mp3] Audio demo by Maxo 01 - Use Kirby's_Dream_Land_3.sf2

Examples of SNES soundfonts (created by Blitz Lunar and Shnabubula)

Soundfont compressors/decompressors

SF2 is the soundfont format. You can compress and uncompress it with :

Website SfPack - (on Windows - Mirror)
Website SfArk - (on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux - Mirror)

Soundfont players

How to install a VSTi soundfont player ? There are simple and good tutorials here and there.

Free players :

- For VSTi plugins, download directly the Pack of free soundfont players made by Jikoo.
- For Mac users, check here.
- For standalone players on Windows, check here.

Commercial players :

Website FruityLoops Soundfont Player
Website Bismark BS-1
Website AudioSynth
Website Kontakt sampler
There are lot of commercial soundfont players (Windows and Mac).

EFM SF Synth 2 : A free VSTi plugin, on Windows

EFM SF Synth 2 (mirror) : A free VSTi plugin, on Windows

SynthFont : A free standalone soundfont player, on Windows

SynthFont : A free standalone soundfont player, on Windows


- 8 bit sound (Simple waveforms, Nintendo Gameboy, NES/Famicom...)
- 16 bit sound (Nintendo SNES, Sega Megadrive/Genesis, OPL, FM...)

Download directly all free soundfonts in SF2 or SfArk (Compressed SF2) format.

AuthorSoundfont nameDldAudio
Website KittWebsite[mp3] by Kitt
Website Blitz LunarWebsite[mp3] by Blitz Lunar
Website MaliceXWebsite[mp3] by Chris Read
Website ZandroWebsite GXSCC gm[mp3] by Breaker Turtle
Website Blitz LunarWebsite Kirby's Dream Land 3Kirby'[mp3] by Blitz Lunar
Website Blitz LunarWebsite Mega Man[mp3] by Shnabubula
Website AwpwrWebsite MP NES[mp3] by Swordfyre
Website Blitz LunarWebsite Mystical Ninja Starring[mp3] by Blitz Lunar
Website Bryan BilocuraWebsite Nokia[mp3] by DoctorJ
Website ZandroWebsite OPL-3 FM[mp3] by King Meteor
Website Blitz LunarWebsite Secret of
SetzerWebsite Setzer's SPC SoundfontSetzer'[mp3] by PongBall
Steven RhodesWebsite[mp3] by Steven Rhodes
Website Blitz LunarWebsite Super
Website Blitz LunarWebsite Super Mario[mp3] by Shnabubula
Website Blitz LunarWebsite Super Mario[mp3] by Shnabubula
Christian EsquivelWebsite Tales of[mp3] by Christian Esquivel
Website TheEightBitWebsite The Nes[mp3] by Denture Punch
Website TheEightBitWebsite The Ultimate Megadrive[mp3] by TheEightBit
Website Blitz LunarWebsite Zelda


Website Soundfonts Utilities - 'Final Fantasy' and 'Legend of Zelda' soundfonts
Website Old soundcard emulation - Lot of soundfonts
Website SNES soundfonts of Blitz Lunar and Shnabubula
Website SNES sample ripping with OpenSPC and SPC Tool
Website How to rip instruments from Nintendo SNES/Famicom (Youtube video - Mirror)
Website Video game music archive (MIDI files)

Thank you to Blitz Lunar (aka Dave Harris) for his great help.


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